This Weekend: Take-Out

March 25, 2011

A good pizza pie is hard to find. Man, that sounds like a 50’s song. . . but it is SO true. Ive been to New York and Italy, so finding good pizza in Arizona can be a feat. Of course you can wait in line at Pizzeria Bianco for 22 hours and have a good slice, but let’s be realistic here, people.

In my search for deliciousness, I seem to have the most success at the mom & pop pizza shops around town. Recently, I tired this East Valley eatery and was VERY excited!

Nicantino’s Pizza, in Gilbert is authentic and fantastic!

The best part about the pizza was its perfectly baked crust. Bubbly, with a slight crisp when you bite into it. The toppings were fresh and well-cooked, and the sauce was delectable on its own! Our pie was topped with ham (browned perfectly), spinach, garlic, and mushrooms. YUM!

Their rewards program is as “schtick-y” as it comes….Collect 10 poker chips, get a pizza for free! Love it.


My Must List

February 18, 2011

Roy’s Aloha Hour!

The only thing I wanted for Valentines Day was to go to Roy’s for their decedent chocolate souffle. Well, thats exactly what I got on Wednesday night and I was so very excited. We didn’t end up eating before we went, so we were stoked to see that we made it in time for Aloha Hour. We had no idea this even happened. The food was INCREDIBLE and amazingly priced! We were in heaven. It is definitely worth a stop in from 4:30pm-6:30pm. You can see the Aloha Menu here.

We recommend the Ahi Roll, Tenderloin Skewers, Lobster Roll, and the Salt & Pepper Calamari. The Fire Rock beer and Malbec are amazing as well.

Waiting for the End, by Linkin Park

I wouldnt call myself a HUGE Linkin Park fan, but when we moved to the Island, we were pretty into Minutes to Midnight. This newest single is so different from what they have done in the past. . . and I find myself wanting to listen to it all the time.

The depth of this rose

It was given to Jack from my Dad for V-day.

Southland, Tuesdays on TNT

We have been fans of this show for a while now, and each week it just keeps getting better and better. Its raw, gritty, and drawn from true stories from the streets of Los Angeles.

Hot & Sweet Mustard from Trader Joe’s

I am somewhat of a mustard connoisseur. . LOVE IT so much. This is my fave right now on ANYTHING. I bought this jar on Moonday and it is almost gone. At 10 calories a table spoon, it is not too guilty of a pleasure. I have used it on tuna, in slaws, sandwiches. . . as a base for an amazing dressing. Whatever you like. DELISH!

Just Go With It

This was a sleeper hit for me. It wasnt on my MUST SEE list for the theater, but my Dad and I went for a little pre-Vday date last weekend and we enjoyed it way more than we thought we would. OBVIOUSLY Adam Sandler LOVES Hawaii (he has shot a few films there) and in this movie you can appreciate why. The cast is hilarious and the surprising roles played by Dave Matthews and Nicole Kidman are hilarious additions.